Monday, 28 April 2014

The Best Property Management Companies London Has to Offer

Choosing a new managing agent in London can be daunting and time consuming therefore there is some pressure to make the right decision. When it comes to property management companies in London there is a wide choice, so detailed research is essential.Enquire about the qualifications, training and experience of staff and evidence of any glowing reports from previous clients. Agents and companies worth their salt will have all this information ready and will be willing to share it with you.

The best property management companies in London can provide you should expect certain levels of service. They will not be merely letting agents. Before signing up you need to be very clear about the services offered, the fees involved and the service levels the company commits to. Managing property can involve different things for different types of property. For example, if you have a large block of flats, you will need an agent experienced in large block management. Do the agents have experience of updating utility suppliers and health and safety compliance? Will they effectively manage credit control and manage the service charge and sinking fund effectively. Do they have good relationships with solicitors when arrears become a problem? These are all things you should get to know before you sign up with your chosen agent.

Good managing agents should look after your building as if it were their own property. If they are looking to keep you as a long-term client then a well managed block is easier to run. The web site LEASE provides impartial advice and a checklist of what to look for and questions to ask managing agents. ARMA (the Association of Residential Managing Agents) is another source of useful information.

If you need more information about the services that agents should provide and the standards to which they should manage your contract, then why not give one of our property managers a call for some impartial advice or take some time to read through the information provided on this site?

Individual Flat Owners Use London Property Management Support

Whether you simply haven’t been able to sell your property or you have relocated but plan to move back at some point in the future, or you are looking to invest capital in London residential property you may find yourself managing a property and tenants. This will not come naturally to everyone and could prove to be a headache if you live far away. This is where London property management agents really come into their own. Not everyone is comfortable managing financial transactions with individuals or knows what course of action to take when the rent is not paid on time. Even if you aren’t fazed by such tasks, they can become time-consuming and troublesome if they get out of hand. Co-ordinating upkeep and repairs can be difficult to manage, particularly if a tenant calls you in the middle of the night having locked themselves out of the flat. Knowing you have someone on hand who can deal with these situations can be worth its weight in gold.

So what can you expect from London property management services? Offers may vary from one London property management agent to the next, but generally you should expect a rent collection service and support with credit control. Agents will also take responsibility for repairs. They are the first point of contact for your tenants to report problems, and they will organise and repairs required. Good agents will practise a certain amount of prevention rather than just cure and will carry out regular inspections of your property to ensure it is kept in a good state of repair.

By introducing your tenants to the property and issuing inventories, the agents can keep a close eye on what they would or would not consider to be a reasonable amount of natural wear and tear. Agents can source tenants for you, advertise the let when tenants move out and take care of the property if it lies vacant. Do also remember that rental deposits need to be registered with a deposit protection company by law. The best agents will ensure your tenants stay for the long term and look after your property as if it was their own. By doing this, they can save you a lot of money. If your flat is empty there may be an insurance company requirement to have it regularly inspected otherwise your cover may be void in the event of a claim.

Full time professional property management in London is essential for the individual property owner and is not just a requirement for those with large portfolios. If you feel you can benefit from having professionals looking after your property, your tenants and your best interests, then it is worth calling one of our advisors to see how we can help you.

Friday, 28 March 2014

What are the benefits of using a London property management agent?

If you own or are in charge of a large property in London then you will know only too well the amount of headaches it can cause you. Whether it is one large residential house, a block of flats or apartments or commercial premises it can be a full time job to oversee the property management of it. Not many people have the time and energy that it takes to manage a property of this size, and this is part of the reason why London property management agents are so much in demand. Read on to find out about some of the many benefits that using managing agents in London offers:

Less Stress

Anything that takes a load off your mind has to be a good thing, and using a dedicated London property management company goes a long way to easing the strain. Busy people simply don’t have the time that it takes to pay attention to the smaller details of managing a property. The worry that something is being neglected is enough to keep you awake at night with a head full of worries. By using a residential or commercial property management company, a huge amount of stress and worry can be taken off your plate.

More Income

A London property management agent will have an in-depth knowledge of the property market in London and for this reason they are really well-placed to make sure that your property is generating the income that it should be. Often people underestimate the value of their property and they can be losing out on hundreds of pounds every month. Expert managing agents in London are trained and experienced in the property sector and they can help you maximise on the income from your property.

A More Professional Image

Using a London property management company ensures that your property, and therefore you, maintain a professional image. This is especially important if you own a commercial development. Potential residents are certain to take you more seriously if they know the property is being professionally managed, and it will give them peace of mind to know that there is a dedicated agency in charge of the building should there be any problems down the line.

If you would like to know more about how a property management agent can help to run your property simply give the experts at Fry & Company a call – we’ll be happy to help.

Property Management Companies London Can Rely On

Owning a rental or business property can bring with it the occasional headache. If you own more than one, or if you are not resident in your property, then it is easy to see how the headaches can start to multiply. That is why so many building owners rely on the property management companies London can offer to look after their investments and ensure that they are kept in an excellent state of repair.

Multiple property management in London is a common practice, with more and more overseas investors putting their money into the city. But whether you are a property tycoon or a home owner living away from the city and renting out your home, you want to know that your building is being properly looked after. This is never truer when disaster strikes or appears to be just around the corner.

With the recent harsh weather bringing strong winds and flooding to many areas of the country, worry levels will have been rising for many property owners. Strong winds can cause all kinds of damage to buildings and their grounds. Many gardens will be without their fences and patio furniture could have been battered about, damaging paintwork or breaking windows. Most storm damage is immediately obvious, but if you are not there you will want to be assured that it is being sorted out. This is just one of the ways that property management companies London wide have been helping their clients.

After strong winds it is a good idea to check that roof tiles haven’t become loose or fallen away. The last thing you need is a leak in the roof that goes unnoticed until it has caused a lot of damage. You can be sure that property management companies London wide and up and down the country have been taking calls from concerned owners wanting to check on the state of their properties. Those standing out as the best at property management in London and beyond are the agents who check and sort out everything without waiting for a call from their clients and update them to put their minds at rest without the need for a prompt.

If you find yourself constantly trying to find out information from your current property management agent, then it might be time to consider an alternative. You may find the further information on this site useful.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Protect your investments with a professional property management team

At Fry and Company, we are dedicated to making your life as a landlord as simple as possible. Owning a number of properties in the capital can be a solid investment; however, there is much stress and responsibility involved in order for such investments to be successful. A keen business mind is essential as you will be responsible for managing accounts, ensuring all legal requirements are fulfilled, tenants pay their rent and abide by the tenancy agreement, along with many more important tasks. The list can seem endless and you must always be switched on and on top of these duties or things can quickly go wrong. Managing agents in London can alleviate these pressures and faciliatate a good business relationship between you and the tenant, save you time and save you money.

Fry and Co can go a long way to preventing those difficult landlord and tenant relationships that can occur. Instead of dealing with your client directly - which can prove difficult if disagreements arise - we will take control here. Our professional service will manage all those landlord tasks you can find yourself lost in. For instance, you have responsibility for sorting any maintenance requirements which need addressing in the house; this can be a burdensome task and you may find your day spent trying to get plumbers, electricians etc. With our London property management service, your properties will received 24 hour emergency cover, offering protection around the clock and ensuring the property is covered in the event of out of hour emergencies. This saves you the time and expenditure of sorting the repairs yourself. You can also relax in the knowledge that if something goes wrong, your properties and the tenants will be dealt with straight away.

Owning and renting out properties is a big commitment. In order for things to go smoothly you need to know the tenant is keeping to their end of the bargain and the house is being kept to the specified standards. We wil ensure each property is efficiently and cost effectively managed so you can rest assured that your property is in the best hands. We do this by implementing internal and external property inspections so that issues can be addressed as soon as possible. With this worry off your shoulders, you can carry on with your other business responsibilities - in the business world, time is money which is why Property management companies London manage those tasks which take up all your time in order to save you the time and money you need to maintain your sound investments. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge that means you can relax in the knowledge your property is in safe hands.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Tenants Wanting No Fuss Contact Managing Agents in London.

It can be a bit of a gamble to look up properties to let, online or in the local papers and then end up dealing directly with the landlord. If you don't immediately hit it off, it can mean the difference between a happy let and a property nightmare. However, by searching for your rental property through managing agents in London, personalities and emotions are removed from the equation and you can get on with the professional business of agreeing tenancy terms and conditions.

With all the stresses and strains of modern life and the busy lives that many professionals lead, the last thing they will want at the end of a hard day's work is to have to grapple with landlords to get something fixed or having to fit in with whatever arrangements the landlord can make. Through no fault of their own, the burden of managing more than one property can mean that landlords can find themselves with problems backing up as they can't be in two places at once. It just takes one thing to happen in each property at the same time for tenants to find themselves having to wait before they can be seen to. With managing agents in London looking after you, you don't have to worry about anything. You will know that there is a professional service in place ready to roll into action the minute something goes wrong.

Similarly, if you are looking for premises for your business, you may find that it is easier to deal with professionals in commercial property management in London rather than directly with the landlord, especially if you need help in finding the property in the first place. It may be easier to deal with one agent who can with the search once they know all your criteria.

If you are new to the city, then property management companies in London can help you to find the perfect place to rent while you settle in and can go on to find you your ideal home should you then look to buy. So if you are moving to the capital, contact our managing agents in London to see how they can help you.

Stress-Free Property Management in London

There are many reasons why property owners and landlords might have a need for professional property management in London. They may have too many properties to be able to physically manage them all themselves. They might not live in a location which enables them to meet the ongoing demands of the tenants, or they may have another line of work which takes up all of their time.

Being a landlord can be very time consuming, as it involves much more than simply preparing a property for letting and then subsequently collecting the rent. When you are managing your own property, you will do everything from advertising the property and finding the tenants to checking their references and formalising the tenancy agreement. The work isn't over once you find a tenant, as you will need to have prepared and go through an inventory of the property — its condition and its contents — and then be available to arrange repairs and ongoing maintenance during the term of the tenancy. And all that is after you have prepared the property to be habitable and safe, including arranging gas and electric safety testing.

An increasing number of properties in London are owned by people who live overseas. Whether the property is an investment for long-term letting or it is a home currently not occupied by the owner, knowing that it is being managed by professionals gives great peace of mind. This can be especially true for any period when the property may be lying empty. While there might be a few aspects you can manage remotely, there are basic things such as conducting viewings, handing over keys and keeping a check on empty properties which require someone to be at the location. There is only so much you can ask friends and family to do for you before it becomes an imposition, so the logical answer is to engage a professional to take care of things for you.

The need for property management in London is not just restricted to residential property letting, as commercial property management in London is also a growing business. If you want to find out more about stress-free property management in London, then why not contact a member of the team today?