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Our Fees

Residential Block Management

Our management fee is always based on an agreed amount per unit rather than on a percentage of the total service charge expenditure. This enables lessees to know in advance, at the commencement of each financial year, the level of management fees. With a fixed management fee rather than a percentage based management fee, our emphasis is focused on actively reducing service charge expenditure while maintaining quality of service and client satisfaction.

The fixed fee per unit will depend on the size of the property and number of units within the building. There is a minimum fee for smaller properties. We always visit a property before quoting a management fee.

Residential Flat Management

Our fee will usually be a percentage of the rent collected and will depend on the number of flats. Our service includes the management of mixed use buildings where there are commercial properties on the ground floor.

Commercial Property Management

Our fee is based on a percentage of the rent collected and will depend on the number of tenants in any one property. Our service includes submitting VAT returns where required and non-resident landlord tax returns.