Removal of a roof mounted water tank
lOCATION: Regent’s Park


Management of property from the 1930’s

Fry & Co were asked to take over the management of a handsome 1930s property where a long outstanding issue had remained unresolved for several years. Over a period of time each of the flats in the building had installed their own water supply direct from the mains rather than having to rely on a supply via a water tank on the roof.

By the time Fry & Co took over the management there was only one flat left being served by the water tank. The tank was in very poor condition, and the tank housing was in an even worse state. It was also the cause of serious leaks from the main roof as access could not be obtained to the underside of the tank to carry out the necessary repairs. The owner of the flat using the tank for their water supply was reluctant to incur the expense of changing over to a new supply. He was worried about surface pipework being installed in his flat, and the choice of the plumber to carry out the work.

Fry & Co discussed with the RMC directors a financial settlement whereby the service charge bore some of the changeover cost on the basis that it would save money in the long term in removing the need to maintain the tank on the roof and deal with frequent leaks. With the legalities verified, the practical solution could be actioned.

A new route for the pipework was found which eliminated most of the concerns of the flat owner. A suitable plumber was also sourced which met with his approval. The result was an agreement which enabled the tank to be removed, the roof repaired, and the flat provided with its own water supply direct from the mains.