Residential block management

Fry & Co was originally founded to manage residential blocks of flats and we are proud of the specialist skills we have accumulated in this sector over the last three decades.

Our choice of Fry & Co was the best move we ever made!

Protecting property, preserving investment 

Our reputation as one the leading residential block managing agents in central London is confirmed by the high level of leaseholder satisfaction we continue to achieve.

Our experience in this sector has led to the development of detailed and rigorous procedures for both the day-to-day and longer-term management of residential blocks, allowing you to own, occupy and sub-let your property with confidence. When you choose Fry & Co, you can be sure that your property will be well maintained and will continue to provide a sound investment for the future. 

A tailored management service

Each residential block of flats is unique, and the comprehensive nature of our management services is designed to deliver a tailored experience. We will oversee the day-to-day management of your building, including regular internal and external property inspections, nurturing your on-site staff, engaging and working closely with contractors and other vital suppliers, and upholding the terms of your leases.

Clients now have the opportunity to have a dedicated, secure website created for their building/development. The website gives your building an online profile for the client, leaseholders and all residents in fact. Leaseholders are able to check their service charge through a secure website and download important documents about the building, such as the current insurance schedule or the house rules. Any resident is able to raise maintenance issues via the website and even communicate with each other.

Our service will ensure your property’s compliance with legislation and best practice. This includes health and safety conformity including fire risk, asbestos, water safety, electrical and gas compliance, and fulfilling your buildings and liability insurance obligations.

Managing the common parts and beyond the front flat door comes naturally to us. Our residential block management services include for complying with the landlord’s obligations to individual leaseholders. Consents are often required for subletting, pets and leaseholder alterations, so we are well equipped to dealing with subletting and pet permissions, licence to alter applications, and the prescribed processes involved when leasehold flats are sold (deeds of covenant, licences to assign).

Fry & Co's management of your property will not only save you time but money as well. We will keep on top of your service charge expenditure through prudent budgeting and careful cost control. We are proud of our track record of saving our clients money from the moment we are instructed.

Our fees

Our management fee is based on an agreed amount per unit rather than on a percentage of the total service charge expenditure. This enables our clients and all leaseholders to know in advance, at the commencement of each financial year, the level of management fees. With a fixed management fee rather than a percentage-based fee, our focus is on actively reducing service charge expenditure while maintaining quality of service and client satisfaction.

The fixed fee per unit will depend on the size of the property and number of units within the building. There is a minimum fee for smaller properties. We always visit a property before quoting a management fee.

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